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6 ways to negotiate a higher package

6 ways to negotiate a higher package

Once an employer gives you a better job offer, consider it hooked. But you need to be very careful in saying yes to the salary offered, it’s your time to negotiate a higher salary. As per the survey most of the young people who are offered jobs are not negotiating salary. Most of the people who are not sure of their own worth which makes it more difficult to negotiate for a decent salary. While it can be a scary experience it does not have to be as frightening.  Follow these 6 ways  to negotiate a higher salary.


1. Let salary come up naturally

Once you are offered a job, let the employer be the first to give out the number. If the employer asks you for the expected salary first defelect the question. The goal is to have the employer mention the amount or a decent range first which will help you to negotiate a better salary.


2. Research salary averages to justify a salary

Any ones who wants to negotiate the best salary have to visit various professional sites to understand the average salary range which will work in your favour. You can even narrow down the data to your specific state and city to further backup the salary negotiation. In addition you can look at online job lisiting sites to see what current postions like yours are getting paid.


3. Don’t accept any offer immediately

Resist the urge or pressure to accept any offer offer right away. Be very choosy and cautious and ask for time and also review the offers which you get. Give a reasonable time frame in which you will respond may be with in one day to one week will be ideal to reply back.


4. Assess the entire package

Along with the salary amount you also need to know what are the other package including in the salary. Apart from the perks and benefits you need to check whether your salary package consists of health package, retirement benefits, performance bonus, flexible working hours, remote work oppurtunities, transportion reimbursement or extended vacations.


5. Talk in realtime

The best ways for the negotiation would be either face to face or by telephonic conversation rather than through email. This is a professional way and also allows for a back and forth conversation and ensure nothing get losts in translation.


6. Follow up

Once you agree on a higher salary or a better package than you were offered, If you accept the new terms let the employer know you are ready to work, then follow up to ensure all details are in place including your start date. When you get a mountain of paperwork to sign ensure the accuracy of everything you agreed upon.

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