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Everything you need to know about Preventive Health Check-ups

Everything you need to know about Preventive Health Check-ups

Its time to take charge of your health, Schedule an appointment with your health care provider to discuss what screenings and exams you need and when you need them. Health expenditure in India accounts for 4.1% of the national GDP. Private expenditure on health adds up to 70.8% of all healthexpenditure in the country. Tips for ordinary citizens is that they need to invest a small sum on preventive  health check ups instead of shelling out huge money during health crises. Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they start. They also can help find problems early when you chances for treatment and cure are better. By getting the right health services, screenings and treatments you are taking steps that help your chances for living longer, healthier life.


It has been observed that people of working age group are being increasingly effected by lifestyle diseases. It is recommended by international consensus that men who are above the age of 35 and women above the age of 40 years should undergo annual preventive health check-up.


Reasons why you need to preventive health check-ups:




Most medical professionals agree that one of the best ways to take care of the health is to have regular and annual healthcheckups.

Healthy people can fall ill too:


While most of the young people are always energetic and healthy, But as age starts to catch up it all starts with random aches and pains and progress to high blood pressure,diabetes and cholesterol. So if we always have a regular health check up we can avoid and prevent all these diseases.

Having a sedentary job:


With the technology on the prime front every ones life is busy and spending most of the time in office which also leads to many dieases. There is lot of stress on individual which leads them to smoke and consume alchol which also deterorates there health. So its very important to have health checkup and follow a healthy life style.

Early detection could lead to cure:


There are so many disorders and diseases that have a better prognosis when detrected early. Regular preventive health check ups will not only ensure that you identify the need for treatment as soon as possible but also give you better chance of returning back to health.

Annual check ups are covered by insurance:


Many insurance companies cover the cost of preventive healthcare in their medical insurance policies. A little bit on research on this could save lots of money.

You get tax benefits:


You are also entitled for tax benefits for these checkups under section 80D of the income tax act. In addition to all other benefits you could get tax deductions of upto 5000 Rs for preventive health checks.


Things to keep in mind before you get a preventive health check up


1: Several tests are conducted empty stomach-10-15 hours of fasting is required.

2: Should avoid wearing jewellery or any other metallic objects.

3: Should wear loose clothing.

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