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Indian Railways - Types of Coaches

Indian Railways - Types of Coaches

Indian railways has different type of coaches range from starting from low cost to higher cost upper ones.

Type of coaches available

Unreserved coach (UR) / General Coach
2nd sitting / Non AC Chair car ( 2S )
Sleeper (SL)
3E (3rd AC economy class)
3rd AC ( 3AC Standard)
2nd AC
First Class

Unreserved coach (UR) / General Coach :
There will be no space to stand,People sitting and sleeping on the floor and even the top most luggage racks. Unreserved coach is the horrific truth of the demographic explosion in India. This is one of the most crowded coach in the train because there is no need of reservation to enter this coach. It is the cheapest one too. But traveling in this type of coach can be a nightmare for everyone. In this type of train it is so crowded that once you are inside. Getting out is difficult. Try not to go with this type of coach until you have any other options. Cost of travelling in these coach is very cheap.

2nd sitting coach / Non AC:
Just imagine the cheap cost of unreserved coach and comfort of a reserved seat and lesser crowd this type of coach is called as 2nd sitting coach.This 2nd sitting caoch is lesser known in Indian railways. Not only it is the cheapest reserved seat in Indian railway system but also has more number of seats and hence easier chances of reservation. Cost of traveling is same as unreserved  seats. But also depends upon the trains and route. 2nd sitting coach is the best travel coach if you don't want AC and doing day travel. Its not only the cheapest but you can get tickets in this coach easily.

Sleeper (SL):
The sleeper's coach is designed in such a way that you can sleep at night. Each compartment consists of 3 births on each side & 2 births on the side . The windows will be open and there is Fresh air and light is enough. You can however close the window by the glass and metal shutter. The emergency window is fully open. Therefore, it is not very safe for children to sit next to it. However,
you can also close this railing. But some irresponsible passengers keep it open do not use it as an emergency but a leisure window to get more fresh air and open view. This is the most common train coach in India. Of 15 trainers on an express train or by mail 8 coaches are composed of bed seats. The sleeper's coach is more special and Indian compared to any other kind of tour. In this kind of  travel you will find friendly middle class people from India, students and even people from small towns and villages. They never hesitate to start a conversation and they are also very kind the view from the window is better than any of the AC classes. It is probably the only kind of trips where you can buy samosas on the platform right from your seat. Without having to move anywhere. However, if you do not like disturbances and cannot handle the heat during the summers, then you shouldn't take the sleeper, but the AC coach.

3E (3rd AC economy class):
This is a comparatively newly introduced coach mostly found in Garib Rath Trains. These are AC compartments with three births on side seats too.These trains are fast and run at avg speed of 60 kph. Its cheapest in AC category of coaches. Getting a ticket is easier because the whole train has only one class of travel.The fare does not include the bedding charges. You have to pay extra 25 rs to get bedsheets and pillow.

3rd AC:
3AC is found on express trains and even premium trains like Rajdhani and Duranto in this class of travel you will get free bedding (which you don't get it 3E class). There are also curtains on the windows. In the night the middle berth is opened and the person with middle seat has to sleep on it.On these trains side berths do not have a third birth like 3E . That's one of the major difference
between 3E and these trains.

2nd AC:
2nd AC will have less crowd as compared to the other classes. Main difference between 2AC and 3AC is that in 2AC the middle birth is not there. So there will be only 6 people in one compartment as compared to 8 in 3AC and 10 in 3E. This class also has curtains to cover side which kind of provides more privacy. The bedding is also provided without any extra charges.

This is the most expensive travel class in mail/express trains. Almost twice as expensive then 2AC coach. The main advantage of traveling in this class is more personal space and luxury.No side berths compared to others and each compartment has a door that you can close from inside. Better seats size

Each coupe has four seats. Every berth is more wide and has better cushioning as compared to any other class travel. Even there is an attendant who will assist you with basic things like calling pantry car boy for food etc. And to provide with blanket and other bedding.

First Class:
This is the most expensive train class in Shatabdi. The seats in this class are very comfortable almost like seats in flights. Also has carpet and You will get free meals and snacks, in this kind of trips.

Different trains have different combinations of coaches. Some trains only have one type of coach and some can have up to 5 types of coaches. Fare of individual coach also depends upon the speed of the train. 




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