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Know how to build the first impression

Know how to build the first impression

As the saying goes “you only have one chance to make a first impression” is true in many situations. With every new encounter you are evaluated and yet another person’s impression of you is formed. These first impression can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo it.



First impression have a significant effect on the future of a relationship. Here are some tips to follow that can help you to make a great first impression.


Be Positive



We all are attracted towards positivity, friendly people who make us feel at ease. So if we want to get connected with those around us is to portray a positive attitude through your conversation and body language. Also its very important to keep the conversation on a very positive or at the very least neutral topics.


Body Language



Body language plays a very important role while creating the best and first impression. As per the research 80 percent of our communication is done through body language, because people will get certain impression of you before you even utter any words. To make sure it’s a good one try to maintain open body language such as uncrossing your arms and legs and angling your body towards the other person which will make you seem more approachable relaxed and open to conversation.


Make Eye contact



Eye contact with the opposite person will make you to show that you are very confident and not feeling nervous. But if your eyes are darting around the room whilst being spoken to it can seem as though you aren’t engaged in the conversation or are looking for an opportunity to get away. To maintain natural eye contact without looking like you are having a staring contest, try the triangle method of glancing from one eye to other then to the mouth and back again.


Ask Questions



Some people calm up entirely when meeting new people, while for others it can trigger nervous chatter. If you are feeling anxious about meeting someone new or making a good impression, you can alleviate these problems can stop your nervous ramblings from dominating the conversation by preparing some questions to ask.


Be yourself



If you are feeling uncomfortable on edge, this can make the other person ill at ease and that’s sure way to create the wrong impression. If you are calm and confident so the other person will feel more at ease, and so have a solid foundation for making that first impression a good one.

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