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Ten Latest Tips You Can Learn When Attending Blood Donors

Ten Latest Tips You Can Learn When Attending Blood Donors

Blood donation is a voluntary procedure if You agree to donate your blood it can be given to someone who needs a blood transfusion. Millions of people need blood transfusions each day and each year. Some may need blood during surgery and Others depend on it after an accident or because they have a disease that requires blood components. Blood donation will help all the people who are in need of blood and makes all this possible. The donation of blood is safe. For each donor a new sterile disposable equipment is used, so there is no risk of contracting a blood borne infection by donating blood.

If you are a healthy adult, you can usually donate a pint of blood without endangering your health. Within 24 hours of a blood donation, your body replaces lost fluids. And after several weeks, your body replaces the lost red blood cells.There are different types in blood donation .One of the most common type of blood donation, during which a pint of whole blood is to be donated. The blood is then separated into its other components such as red cells, plasma and platelets.Don't donate blood if you are suffering with bad health.

Donate blood In good health and age limit starts from17 years old and there's no upper age limit.The eligibility requirements are slightly different for double red cell donation.Get plenty of sleep the night before you plan to donate blood . Eat a healthy meal before your blood donation. Avoid fatty foods, such as hamburgers, ,fast foods,fries or ice cream before donating blood. All Tests for the infections should be done because fats that appear in your blood for several hours after eating fatty foods. Drink an extra amount of water compare to daily and other fluids before donating the blood.


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