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Things you need to do to survive university

Things you need to do to survive university

University life is very tough. Normally they say your university years are the best you will ever have in your life but we would argue that being a poor knackered perpetually hungover student does come with its challenges too. We have put together a list of skills that will help students survive the university life.


1: Learn to Budget


Students should be very careful handling the budget. Being permanently penniless is something you can avoid if you take the time to work out a budget and stick to it. The best option for students is they need to get themselves a prepaid budgeting card, in which you can put a certain amount of cash on the card every month and assign this as your disposable income for food, night outs and other expenses. This will help students to stay within the budget.


2: Know when to call it a night


For students its easy to get carried away on nights out. Students should know when to say enough is enough because its quite a tough skill to acquire and takes some good and solid will power. It's very important to maintain a time limit when on a night out as it may effect there next day schedule. They should also not get into peer pressure and stay out longer than intended.


3: Getting used to work independently


Students should be prepared to work independently, as things are very different at university you will be expected to complete independent research and wider reading for your classes and assessments. While you can go to your lectures they will only be able to provide so much information. Their job is not to spoon feed the information but to  help you understand what you uncover on your own.




4: Network and socialise


Students should get involved in networking and joining various groups. They should not go to university and spend all the time working or commuting between home and library. You should go out make friends and experience new things. Students should also focus on networking,one of the best things you can do whie at university is build up a network of contacts in industry and academia. Because these will help in you getting jobs and opportunities,these are the people who will also write a glowing reference for the job you are looking for.


5: Know your limits


Students should be very careful and also know there limits. As we all know booze is just a part of student life but being the drunkest person in the room is never gonna do you any favours. Knowing what your limits are when it comes to alcohol will make your life at a univesity a million times easier-easier on your wallet, easier on your social life, easier on your ability to keep up with course work and easier to actually make it to lecture.

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