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Top Safety tips for campus students

Top Safety tips for campus students

Being on a college campus is fun, but it’s easy to gain a false of security and feeling of safety when surrounded by fellow students. As you are students and spend most of the times in the college campus so you always don’t know who you can trust. Most of the students fall vicitims to on campus crimes. While most of the colleges do their best to make students safety the priority. Here are some of the precautions that students should take while there are on campus in regards to the safety.


1) Be aware of your surroundings



While walking on campus don’t allow technology to make you unaware of your surroundings. As every students is using headphones, smartphones, mp3 palyer they become unaware of the surrounding and don’t know what is going around them and the world barely exists anymore for them.


2) Avoid walking alone particulary at night



Moving as a pack of friends can give you more power because it is very harder to attack large group of people than a single person.


3) Share your class Activites



Parents or close friends should be aware about the class schedules and activites. They also need to have all the numbers of your friends and class mates.


4) Always opt in to get campus alert text



Use of technology is highly recommended where in students should have there mobile numbers attached to the college alerts and students should also update all the important contact numbers on there private phones as well. Its the fastest way to find out whenever there is an incident on campus.


5) Feeling threatened



If you are feeling threatened for any reason students should talk to there friends, family, teachers and security staff. Let them know what is happening and talk about ways they might be able to help.


6) Let people know where you are going



If you are going out let someone know where you are going and when will you return back. You and your roommates can be helpful resources to each other in this way. Keep them informed if you are coming late.

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