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India is the best country known for its educational excellence. You can find outstanding institutes. In every corner of India colleges are established that offer education to every aspirant in various platforms/streams such as arts and social sciences, law, trade or journalism and mass communication. Both government and private colleges are located in India. Colleges in India play a crucial role in the development and promotion of higher education. You can find different colleges in India offering various degrees such as management, engineering, medicine, law, information technology, pharmacy and so on. Getting a college admission is not an easy task, one needs to get it done with the entrance examination. For deserving and talented applicants, free scholarships are offered by colleges in India that help them pursue higher studies.

Citybusinessinfo provides you the information about various colleges located across length and breadth of India. Colleges offer regular courses that are provided with campus facilities. Most colleges offer residential facilities for non-local students. Colleges also have placement cells, which invite reputed companies to recruit on-campus. To know about Colleges in India have their affiliation with courses offered fees, address, placements, eligibility and much more. Below there is a list of colleges in India and are divided into state-wise and city-wise. To see colleges in a particular state gently select the state from the left side.

About College

College is an educational institution. The term college has been derived from the latin word collegium. College can be a degree awarding tertiary educational institution or an institution which is offering vocational education. College is a term that is commonly reserved for institution that offers degree at year 12 commonly referred as junior college and also those which are offering the bachelor's degree as well. These colleges are offering programmes which are leading to the degrees of that university. Colleges can be categorised into two types namely autonomous college and non-autonomous colleges.

a) Autonomous colleges

Autonomous colleges have powers to have their own syllabus and also to conduct their own examinations as well.

b) Non-autonomous colleges

Non autonomous colleges have no power to have their own syllabus they need to follow according to the rules of university, examinations are conducted by the university.

History of college

The current education system in India was heavily influenced by the British starting from the year 1835. The first arts and Science College was started in Kerala and Kolkata in 1817 and the name of the colleges were CMS College in kottayam and Presidency College in Kolkata. The first missionary institution to teach western style education in India was the Scottish church college Calcutta in 1830. The first college in commerce and economics in India was Sydenham College Mumbai started in 1913. Serampore College was the first college for the study of Christian theology and ecumenical enquiry which was started in 1818.

Types of colleges

There are various factors or criteria under which colleges can be divided. But the most common colleges are

a) Junior college

Here the education begins after completion of 10th standard or after the completion of secondary education. Junior college offers 2 year courses in different streams like commerce, science, mathematics, and biology. Junior colleges also offers vocational education also.

b) Degree college

These colleges offer mostly bachelor's degree and are affiliated to different universities. There are also various streams in commerce, science, computers that these degree colleges offer. However some colleges provide post graduate education as well. Programmes are provided by the colleges under the governance of their respective universities.

c) Engineering Colleges

These colleges imparts higher education in engineering courses at degree level are known as Engineering colleges. There also colleges which provides post graduate programs as well. Here students can choose from different engineering branches like Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer engineering etc. Engineering colleges are most popular in India.

d) Business and Management colleges

These colleges specialize in education related to Business and management fields. These colleges impart professional course and improves the skills of the students who wants to get in to the management position.

e) Agricultural college

These colleges specializes in offering courses in agriculture and related fields. Research is the important part of these colleges, as various agricultural practices and techniques are developed.

f) Medical college

These colleges are specialized in providing courses related to medical education. A medical college offers graduate degree. These colleges may also teach post graduate as well as paramedical courses. The admission to these programs are highly competitive.

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